Diplomatska prodaja

Years of Diplomatic Experience

Mercedes-Benz Serbia and Montenegro recognizes that the key to their success is due to a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our efficient and personal, friendly service and experience in dealing with diplomats dates from 1996, when the former Mercedes-Benz Yugoslavia began to offer special conditions to people with diplomatic status and at that time, was the was the only manufacturer in this market to do so.

Being an integral part of the Daimler Company, all Mercedes-Benz Srbija i Crna Gora customers enjoy the same terms and conditions as at the Mercedes-Benz HQ in Stuttgart, Germany.

Professional and highly trained employees offer friendly and efficient customer support in several languages, including; English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Extremely attractive terms and conditions are on offer for the purchase of official and private cars, attractive pricing and delivery points at customer center in Belgrade or at our factory in Germany, a variety of models in the Mercedes-Benz passenger car range ( excluding Pullmann, Maybach, SLR and SLS ), or special-protection MB Guard models, are available to people with diplomatic status in Serbia and Montenegro.

Conditions & Eligiblity

  • - Foreign diplomats with accreditation in countries outside their native country
  • - Foreign missions purchasing official cars

We offer:

  • - 15% Diplomatic discount for all accredited foreign diplomats
  • - 20% Discount for Embassies, International organizations EU, UN and NATO (official cars)
  • - The best service network and reliable 24/7 help on the road across the country